Open Web House Pilot in Puerto Vallarta Mexico | The place of web 3.0 development

The event Open Web House is a two-day offline event in a pilot phase focused on software developers from Mexico who want to build web 3.0, as well as a space to mentor DeFi topics and crowdfunding projects through a hackathon.‍Open Web Academy has been piloting NEAR certified bootcamps, and its members have worked for the past year on NEAR Protocol education projects and wants now to scale with recruiting web 3.0 enthusiasts and builders by creating face-to-face development groups. Participate in the first pilot… Date: november 25 & 26, 2022Venue: Joint Coworking Hotel, Puerto Vallarta, MéxicoOfficial website: The Hackathon By enrolling in Open Web House, you will begin a journey to transform your development ideals from web 2.0 to web 3.0. You will receive training to learn about blockchain technology, learn how to interact with decentralized apps (DApps), develop smart contracts and finally test your knowledge to propose solutions to community problems through NEAR’s blockchain technology. Get ready with our previoAdvertising at the DevCon site events in Bogotá Colombiaus content (go), practice your logical skills, attend the live training on November 25 and 26, organize your team and hack blockchain solutions. Get to know all the details, challenges and prizes of the hackathon by clicking here…Do you want a little spoiler? There are prizes of up to $2500 USD What will be at the event? The Open Web House, in addition to launching a hackathon, will have specific challenges managed by great NEAR partners such as the Metapool liquid staking platform, in the same way and thinking of all those people who are venturing for the first time in the world of development blockchain we have prepared within our Metapoolevent introductory sections to Web 3.0, introductory sessions to the NEAR Protocol and a workshop on the development of smart contracts. Discover the full agenda of the event on the official Open Web House site. -> The party doesn’t stop Learning and technological proposals do not stop, but take advantage of this meeting between hacker, businessmen, university students and researchers to generate contact networks that can benefit your professional development. Do not stay out and start networking with the participants from the telegram group. You want to know more? Official website: group: FAQ

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