OWA node is alive | Open Web Academy joins as validator node in NEAR Protocol | [ENG]

Three months have passed since the end of Stakewars III “a new validator”, the NEAR Protocol competition that has the objective of building and configuring validator nodes on the “sharding” testnet. The 90-day StakeWars workday allowed for technical tests to add more than 100 new validators to the NEAR mainnet. These challenges that allow the decentralization of the NEAR network began in July 2022, were extended until September and results were obtained by November of the same year.

The winners of the competition benefited from the award of NEARs tokens assigned directly to the main accounts (wallets) of each one of them, as well as the delegation of NEARs tokens for the operation of a validator node in the network of the mainnet of the same Protocol, these nodes allow the validation of transactions and in turn allow the production of chunks, a block section that can be validated by nodes with less computing capacity, making the NEAR network faster and being able to execute sharding processes.

Diagram | Introducing the ‘Chunk-only Producer’ Validator

The Open Web Academy DAO and its collaborators were awarded with the aforementioned benefits and have started to build and develop all the necessary technical parameters to officially launch the owa.poolv1.near node on December 9, 2022, a staking pool Created and managed by the Latin American community.

By the community, for the community

As Web 3.0 builders, the community invites you to participate in the delegation of tokens (NEARs) that allow the owa.poolv1.near node to maintain the minimum seat price required to be part of the validator nodes in the main network. The Open Web Academy (OWA) field their vision and ideals to educate new builders of web 3.0 for free and to generate value proposals that allow the expansion of the use of blockchain technology and NEAR Protocol will use the profits obtained from node fee for the financing of projects and expansion of the community in LATAM, specifically covering the following items.

  • Free consulting sessions
  • Micro grants to projects
  • Dissemination of Latino projects
  • Participation in face-to-face events
  • Easy access to material created by the community
  • Network of contacts of builders of the NEAR Protocol
  • Node management from the OWA DAO
Office Hours sessions for Stake Wars III on Discord

The Open Web Academy community is excited about the recent addition of new validator nodes to the mainnet network through Stakewars III, where 24 Latin American node builders from 3 different countries participated, according to the numbers collected by the OWA, a process in which OWA himself served as a trainer for all those architects interested in node management. See resources created for the assembly of nodes here.

Ready to build.

Do not miss any details of the OWA node management from the DAO dashboard and new notices about it from our social networks.

Official website: https://ow.academy/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/openwebacademy_
Telegram group: https://t.me/openwebhouse
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ekZy68tm5c

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